in case it isnt clear why people are bailing. 

a) its a refusal to actually address real issues of pedophilia, nazis, and other violent members of the tumblr community, and instead just putting a blanket ban on nsfw content 

b) they don’t intend to moderate the content themselves, and will apparently be relying on users to report it, as well as the unreliable bots they already have. 

c) consistently we’ve seen on tumblr and sites like youtube that queer content and blogs get marked as nsfw by bots like these, so despite their pseudo-woke bullshit about “female-presenting nipples”, inevitably this will have a huge impact on the queer community 

d) not to mention the fact that this also largely hurts sex workers (of course) who have used this platform for a long, long time

e) the vague wording of ‘erotica’ and ‘art’ makes it pretty clear imo that they don’t want to draw hard lines as to what is inappropriate just in case they change their minds in the future. 

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